100 Words on Turnover


There is no bigger red flag for a business than when they are constantly seeking new people.  If the majority of those are contractors, the flag doubles in size.  The market does not allow growth without significant projects to justify the expansion.  Unless the organisation has won large deals, the likely cause is turnover.  Companies promote their ability to attract and retain quality people and while they succeed with attraction, they struggle with retention.  Gaining a reputation as a “churn and burn” workplace drives clients to follow suit and stay away. Do not underestimate your clients’ loyalty to your staff.

100 Words on Balance

The balance between work and home life seems to be more concept than reality.  Often used as a marketing ploy to lure talent, many organisations seem to drop the ball when it comes to promoting equilibrium and looking after their people.  We are equally guilty of failing to hold business to its word or looking after our own best interests.  My doctor once told me that “We work to live, not live to work” and coming from a medical professional, it is solid advice.  Sacrificing your health, friends, and family to pursue someone else’s dream can become your own nightmare.